we begin our new homes with a careful review of the surrounding built context and environment. we develop a detailed program outline of your needs and desires. we then work with you to shape an inspiring and efficient architectural solution to these priorities. given the impact of a new home on the environment, we design the home to be useful for centuries to come. this involves good siting, passive orientation, durability and forward thinking energy systems.

we are inspired to work on older homes and make them useful for years to come through updates to layout and energy systems. we have structured our office to be available to provide architectural services locally to very small projects and at a wider radius for larger renovations and additions. our process is very similar to that for new home, but we add the goal of integrating the changes into the existing spaces in a way that enhances their usefulness and respects the integrity of the original building. we utilize computer energy modeling and cost benefit analysis software to weigh and prioritize energy improvements and integrate them cost effectively into the project.

we excel at commercial and institutional projects which prioritize environmental responsibility and detailed design. our process lends itself to organizations, who want help in developing their design priorities, budget goals and architectural vision for the project. we bring a similar design approach to all of our projects by introducing inspiring design, efficient planning, contextual sensitivity and energy efficiency, while meeting the budget goals for the project. we also are credentialed in leed certification and negotiating the potential rebates and grants available for green design.