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  • Marjorie Crino ©2000
  • Marjorie Crino ©2000
  • Marjorie Crino ©2000
  • Marjorie Crino ©2000
  • Marjorie Crino ©2000

PROJECT NAME:  The Chestnut Hill Kitchen

PROJECT TYPE: Kitchen Renovation, Single Family Detached

PROJECT CONTEXT:  The kitchen sits within an early 1900’s brick Tudor residence in a beautiful part of Boston.  The craft and detail of the existing home demanded that the kitchen meet the same level of care and elegance.



PROJECT PROGRAM:  The clients are avid cooks and desired the kitchen to be functional and yet hold a comfort and warmth necessary to relax and socialize in at the end of the day. They desired a kitchen that would not only perform all of the tasks necessary to prepare meals, but would also be a dining room, den, office, library, media center, and bar.

CLIENT:  The clients are a busy professional couple who, after working long days, turn to their kitchen as a spa in which to unwind while preparing an evening meal. The clients immersed themselves in all of the decisions, research and coordination that was necessary to see their vision come to life.

DESIGN SOLUTION:  The image that the clients brought to us for their new kitchen was open and inclusive. This required the removal of a bearing wall and the installation of flush framed beams to open up the existing kitchen space.  The clients envisioned an elegant and inviting décor which we used to layout the multi-faceted kitchen. A large island with a commercial stove and high hood became the central element of the kitchen, allowing the owners and their guests to face one another during preparation.  Bar seating made for casual snacking for the couple, while a curved banquette seat and custom table set into an existing bay created a dining area for four.  Opposite the banquette, cabinetry wraps the wall to house a bar area, book storage, media center and display cabinets, completing the kitchen in a uniform atmosphere while accommodating multiple uses.  Careful attention was paid to the lighting and controls in order to establish the perfect moods for each of the intended uses.

MATERIALS:  The Owners took great care in the selection of each of the materials and details for their kitchen.  The cabinetry, built by cabinetry maker Jim Dodds, is a French Country style with strong roping, leg and crown details to give the room elegance in keeping with the rest of the home.  The oak floor found in the rest of the house was carried into the kitchen to bring warmth to the space and to facilitate the versatile nature of the room.  The finish is a buttery white with slight antiquing of some of the relief to give the room a comfortable, used feel.  The granite counter tops add a subtle accent to the room.  The tile backsplashes which the Owners designed hold wonderful mosaics images within a warm back drop.   The lighting became an important tool to set the variety of moods the kitchen was asked to take on.

PROJECT COST:  The project cost is kept confidential at the request of the Owners.


Russell Campaigne AIA
Mary Jo Kestner AIA

James Dodds
Cabinet Maker
Ashland, MA

Carmine Guarracino, PE
Sommerville, MA