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PROJECT NAME:   The Clapboard Hill Addition

PROJECT TYPE:   Two Story Addition, Single Family Residential

PROJECT CONTEXT:  The main house was a Federal farm house, built in late 1800’s. It sites on open fields with expansive views to a tidal river and acres of salt marsh.  A beautiful barn, also restored by the owner sits in the foreground. The house had undergone extensive renovations in the 1980’s which needed to be tied into the new addition.



PROJECT PROGRAM:  Having recently purchased a home with wonderful views of the East River, our clients desired to add a two story addition containing a family room and master bedroom to enhance the views and the light.

CLIENT:  A professional couple who appreciated the historic character of their home and wished to make portions of it more livable and inviting for themselves and their family.

DESIGN SOLUTION: We removed an existing one story ell off of the main house to add a new two story space to accommodate a master bedroom and family room.  This allowed us to correctly size the foundation and address some concerns with the existing low pitched roof.  The new volume steps back from the historic house to allow the existing gable to stand free. We wrapped the oversized windows around the corners of the narrow gabled addition in order to direct the view diagonally toward the river and barn. We installed french doors, protected by a one story overhang, to create a comfortable at grade sitting area off the family room.  We worked closely with East Guilford Construction and the owner through out the design and construction process.

MATERIALS:  The main bedroom features a cathedral ceiling with recycled timber collar ties hand selected by East Guilford Construction.  The contractor worked carefully through construction to select and blend in the new materials with the look and feel of the main house.  The exposed timber ceiling in the family room features recycled Douglas fir joists with Watco oil finish.  Wide plank chestnut floor boards were salvaged from the attic of the main house, remilled and layed with exposed face nailing in the new addition.

PROJECT COST:  The project cost was approximately $250 per square foot.


Russell Campaigne
Mary Jo Kestner

East Guilford Construction
Michael Donofrio
Tim Meyers