the complete renovation of a historic second empire building in downtown guilford, ct. the 4400 sf residence had been converted into offices in the 1980's and was in need of improvements both inside and out to create a comfortable and modern office space for the wealth management firm.

a 450 sf renovation and 1000 sf addition transformed a popular restaurant in westbrook.  we balanced interior and exterior design, accessibility, and functionality to create a stylish, comfortable dining environment.

"...we had some time constraints and a tremendous amount
of red tape to navigate and russ took the time to assess our goals
and then developed a roadmap to deliver the project on time
and in budget."
brian parri, owner

a 700 sf transformation of a detached garage building behind our home in downtown guilford into our office space.  the renovation also includes 600 sf of woodshop and open porches and expresses many of our design ideals.